5 dressings to season homemade hamburgers




The hamburger is one of the most popular sandwiches around the world , which can be prepared with any type of meat and even legumes. Its origin is discussed and, according to legend, the 14th century Mongolian tribes passed to Russia and from there to the port of Hamburg. Subsequently, they went to New York where the port restaurants began offering the meat burger to attract the newly arrived sailors from the trips.


1. For Lamb burger


Mix 100 g of natural yogurt with 10 g of mint leaves and 20c.c. Of olive oil. Pepper to taste.


2. For salmon burger


Mix 100 g of mayonnaise with the juice of a lime, the zest of two lemons or limes and 50 cm³ of milk cream. Add 20 g of chopped cilantro and enjoy this salmon burger dressing .


3. For vegan burger


Place 150 g of pumpkin or squash cut into cubes on a greased tray and bake at high temperature. When they are soft, process and mix with 100 g of homemade mayonnaise. Add some fresh thyme leaves and 20 cm³ of vinegar or balsamic aceto .


4. For beef burger


Place half a liter of Bourbon whiskey in a pan and cut in half. Mix with 20 cm³ of soy sauce, 100 g of barbecue sauce and 10 drops of Worcestereshire sauce.


5. For chicken burgers


Place 20 cm³ of apple cider vinegar together with 20 g of sugar and dissolve. Mix with 50 g of mustard and 100 g of mayonnaise and spread this dressing on your homemade chicken burger .


I hope you liked these five hamburger dressings and that you are encouraged to approve them. If you want to know more dressings like these, I invite you to enter the category Sauces where you will find for example the step by step to learn how to prepare the 3 best sauces to accompany red meat .

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