Chickpea meatballs, another way to eat legumes


Meatballs is a dish that is always successful, however the legume although it is a very beneficial food, is not as well received. Therefore, a plate of chickpea meatballs is a great option to eat legumes in a different way than we used to and that the little ones in the house will like more. An easy to prepare recipe that surely surprises our guests.



Albóndigas de Garbanzos con Zanahorias


Chickpea meatballs not only are a different way of eating legumes , it is also an ideal dish for vegetarians. Chickpeas are a food that is used as a base in many dishes and that is very present in the vegetarian diet. This time they are the main ingredient of the recipe that we are going to show you below. This is a version of a basic recipe for vegetarian meatballs , in which only chickpeas were used to make the dough. However, we have reviewed the recipe incorporating some vegetables to the cooking of the legumes which further enriches its flavor.


Processing time: 3-5 hours


Difficulty: Basic




  • 250 g of Chickpeas

  • 1 Leek

  • 3 Medium carrots

  • 2 medium potatoes

  • Breadcrumbs

  • 1 Egg

  • Oil

  • Salt

Step by step development


  1. In a large cauldron we put to cook the leek, carrots, and potatoes over medium heat and add the chickpeas .

  3. Once everything is cooked, we drain most of the broth, reserving the rest if necessary to add it to the mixture. We crush all the ingredients with the mixer until it has a homogeneous mass.

  5. After crushing everything, we added to the dough little by little the breadcrumbs using a wooden spoon to mix it.

  7. Once we have a homogeneous and manageable dough, when it starts to peel off the walls of the bowl where we mix it, with the help of a spoon we begin to make balls .

  9. Once we have the balls made, we will proceed to pass them through egg and flour . This point is very important because if we did not do it they would break when we went to fry them.

  11. Finally we will fry the meatballs in abundant oil by turning them around so that they are evenly browned. We will strain the oil from time to time so that they are all clean without the remains of burnt flour from previous meatballs.

At the table


After all the previous steps we will have a great fountain full of meatballs. It is convenient that the accompany with a sauce , since these will be somewhat drier than meat. It is a dish that fills quite a lot, so it alone works very well as a flat. However, if you want to add a garnish, we can chop an apple and cook it with grilled salt and pepper. In this way we will continue to have a vegetarian dish.


Of course the only thing we need at this point is to sit down and enjoy this dish , which we hope will surprise you and make those who are not such friends to eat legumes, make this more enjoyable.
  Did you know this dish? Do you have any doubt in its elaboration? Have you already tried the recipe and want to share your experience? Then do not hesitate and leave us your opinions below.

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