Chocolate alphabets, suitable for coeliacs




If you are celiac and have trouble finding sweets that you like, then you will have the homemade recipe of some delicious chocolate alphabets .




For the dough


  • 50g cornstarch

  • 50g of cassava starch

  • 50g of skim milk powder DAY%

  • 100g of butter DAY%

  • 2 tablespoons bitter cocoa

  • ¼ teaspoon of salt

  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda

  • 175g semi-bitter chocolate

  • 115g of sugar

  • 1 tablespoon of xanthic gum

  • 2 eggs

For the filling


  • 2 tablespoons of cream / milk cream

  • 100g bitter chocolate

Step by step development


Preparation of the dough


  1. Mix the cornstarch , cassava starch, skim milk powder, bitter cocoa, salt, baking soda and xanthic gum.

  3. Melt the semi-bitter chocolate cut into pieces together with the butter in a water bath and when melted, remove, mix and add the sugar.

  5. Incorporate the eggs one by one in the preparation of molten chocolate , and subsequently, the dry ingredients (previously sifted to avoid lumps) with a spatula and in enveloping movements.

  7. Cover the container and take to the refrigerator for approximately 20 minutes .

  9. Remove the mass of the alfajores from the refrigerator and make a nut-sized muffin .

  11. Smash a little with your hands and distribute the portions on a plate lined with butter paper .

  13. Bake for 15 minutes at 150º C in the middle rack and place a fountain with water on the bottom rack to generate moisture and do not dry the caps of the alfajores.

  15. When 15 minutes have elapsed, visualize if the dough is firm and remove from the oven or leave another time if necessary. Let cool to room temperature .

Preparation of the filling


  1. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and melt it in a water bath.

  3. Mix with the unmounted liquid cream and let cool in the refrigerator for one hour.



Spread one of the covers with the filling and then place the second cover on top. Repeat the procedure with all the covers and if you wish bathe with melted chocolate without T.A.C.C. so that they are much more exquisite.


If you want to know more recipes without T.A.C.C, check out our category Celiac .

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