Create and design with Washi Tape


Every day that passes, I fall in love more with the fantastic washi tape !!! It is a craftsman’s dream, it does not tear, it can be easily used and removed from any surface without ruining anything … What else can we ask for?
Here I leave you some ideas for using the wonderful washi tape !


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To change the style of your bedroom, I liked the proposal of the headboard, creating illusion, art on the wall. Drop your imagination and you can create numerous different forms.
Wrap the handles of your wooden spoons to get a simple, colorful look! You can use the simple or patterned ribbon and you can combine with all the colors you want.
To match the decoration of a room, to highlight in a colorful and fun way, you can cover the plates of the light switches.
Look at the result of a simple vase with tape as it is.
Did you get bored of the tray? Look what a beautiful idea you can achieve with the tape.
You can also decorate and add dynamism to the cabinets with washi tape. via












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