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There are various foods that a celiac cannot take, which makes cooking in your case more complicated and we find that we have to modify our recipes to adapt to this disease. Luckily today every time we find more alternatives , not only to buy products without gluten but also to be able to cook using different basic elements, such as flour, suitable for celiacs.


Mano sosteniendo trigo, con logotipo sin gluten


What is celiac disease?


Celiac disease consists of a type of permanent intolerance to certain foods that contain gluten , usually wheat, barley, rye and oats. It is characterized by an inflammatory reaction in the mucosa of the small intestine which hinders the absorption of macro and micronutrients. Many people suffer from it without knowing it, since they can relate their symptoms to other conditions. However, some of its main symptoms may occur as we see in the table below, worsening with age and its misdiagnosis:




















































Iron deficiency anemia
Malabsortive diarrhea
Fetid, abundant and fatty diarrhea
Abdominal pain Malabsortive diarrhea
Apathy Irritability
Constipation, meteorism
Aphthous stomatitis
Angular cheilitis
Fragile hair
Atopic dermatitis
Dermatitis herpetiformis
Abdominal distension
Headaches, epilepsy
Iron deficiency anemia
Muscle hypotrophy: buttocks, thighs and arms
Short stature, Delayed pubertal
Osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis, arthralgias
Growth Failure Late menarche
Juvenile Chronic Arthritis
Irritable bowel constipation
Abortions, infertility, early menopause, newborns with low weight
Leukopenia, coagulopathies, thrombocytosis
Frequently asymptomatic
Epilepsy, ataxia, peripheral neuropathies
Dental enamel defects
Digestive cancer
Pondoestatural delay
Dyslexia, autism, hyperactivity

What is gluten and where do we find it?


The Federation of Celiac Associations defines gluten as:



An amorphous protein found in the seed of many cereals (wheat, barley, rye, spelled, triticale and possibly oatmeal) combined with starch. It represents 80% of wheat proteins and is composed of gliadin and glutenin.



Therefore, those who suffer from intolerance to it, will have to basically eliminate cereals containing this protein from their diet . However, it will not be enough to stop taking these foods, we will have to look closely at the compositions of numerous products, since precisely because of gluten, flours are used in many preparations for their thickening effect.


That is why we will have to avoid bread (any variant that uses wheat flour), pastries, cakes, chocolates, processed cheeses, sausages or processed sauces , unless the product is specific for celiacs . We will know this because it will include an icon in which we will read clearly: gluten free.


What can we use in gluten-free cooking


Probably knowing that we cannot take gluten, flour or pasta are the foods that would cost us the most to replace. However in the market we have many alternatives that we can use, so as not to have to say goodbye to these foods.


On the one hand we have flours of different cereals or gluten-free ingredients , for example rice flour, corn flour or chickpea flour. There are many more but of course what we use will also depend on what is available in our supermarket.


In the case of pasta, the easiest substitute will be the rice paste that we know mostly of oriental cuisine. However, every day we find more varieties, from typical noodles to macaroni, so it will not be difficult to continue taking pasta. Although if we look a little, we will also find some brand that offers us corn paste.


We will find many alternatives in the market, although there is still a lot for us to have everything. That is why I invite you to to cook your own, cookies , cakes or sauces , which not only is a perfect way to make sure we eat what we should [ 19459003], but another way to enjoy cooking.


Do you know more products? Do you have a hard time finding specific products for celiacs? I give you the floor, tell us your experiences, doubts or ideas below .

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