How to make a broom with plastic bottles



Como hacer escobas con botellas de plastico


Today we share a project that teaches us how we can give a second life to our used plastic bottles, making ourselves a broom by recycling plastic bottles .



escoba con botellas de plastico


With 18 bottles of 2 liters we will manufacture in our own house a broom, which according to them, does not have to envy anything to those manufactured by the different industries. The result is an ideal plastic broom for outdoors, gardens or orchards.


How to make brooms with PET bottles.




  • Wire.
  • Hammer.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter.
  • Plastic bottles.



The instructions are simple, you will need an average of 18 bottles for each broom. Depending on how big you want it, it will be 1, 1.5 or 2 liters.

  1. Cut the ass of the bottle.
  2. With a scissors cut the bottle into the mouth.
  3. You just need to keep your mouth in a bottle.

    In the rest we will repeat the spinning operation but also removing the mouth of the bottle from the bottom.


  4. Once we have all the bottles ready:

    We insert all of them into the bottle to which we have left our mouths, as you see in the picture.

  5. To reinforce the broom:

    We will use the mouth of another bottle to give consistency to the hitch area.

  6. We will join the assembly with wire:

    As if sewing it.

  7. You only have to introduce the broomstick and start working.


Escobas con botellas de plastico


Who has any doubt, here is a video where they explain how to manufacture them:



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Cómo hacer una escoba con botellas de plástico


[19459499] [make a 19459049] broom with plastic bottles


A project that teaches us how we can give a second life to plastic, making ourselves a broom with plastic bottles.





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