How to make a homemade solar water hot water tank



Cómo hacer un termotanque solar de agua casero


With technology developed by INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Argentina), we can build a solar heater to heat water economically and practically. These designs ensure hot water to communities that have limited access to energy, providing them with alternative sources of energy to meet domestic needs.


This model will deliver water at a temperature of 45 ° to 50 ° C. Although it is not a high efficiency heater like industrial, it has a much lower cost and we can build it ourselves, with materials that we get in a hardware store and with tools of current use.



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According to UN data, one in five people in the world do not have access to electricity, and some 3,000 million people depend on biomass to cook and heat. For this reason, it is important to develop devices that are cheap and easy to build, that use materials available in the area, such as the one we share today with INTA. A hot water tank that heats and stores water all day long through solar energy.


According to INTA data, this solar water heater can reduce electricity or gas consumption by 65%.


A guide for the construction of a flat plate solar water heater model, the principles of operation, its components and the step by step for its construction, as well as the main recommendations for its use and maintenance. We can also replace or recycle materials adapting this technology to our area, possibilities and environment.


How a solar water heater works.


The principle of operation of the solar water heater is the thermosiphon.



1. Cold water enters from the tank to the water tank.
2. Cold water descends through a hose or pipe to the bottom of a grill.
3. Water circulates through a grill of black pipes that retain solar radiation and heat it.
4. A transparent lid helps the generation of a greenhouse effect that prevents heat loss.
5. By the same general principle, hot water rises and flows into the container through a hose or upper pipe.


Cómo funciona un calentador solar de agua


The parts of the solar hot water tank.


The elements that we will need for the construction of the water heater are:


  • Pipe grill.
  • Isolated box.
  • Hot water storage tank.
  • Water distribution pipes.
Las partes del termotanque solar






If you are interested in this type of project, the details of the assembly and assembly of the system can be found in this complete construction guide .






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Cómo hacer un termotanque solar de agua casero


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These designs ensure hot water to communities that have limited access to energy, providing alternative sources of energy to meet domestic needs





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