How to make a robotic cardboard arm



Como hacer un brazo robótico de cartón


Today we are going to learn how we can make a robotic arm using a piece of recycled cardboard as the basis of the project . A project to do with children, which they will surely enjoy.



The basis of the project will be a piece of cardboard, which along with some staples, a piece of cardboard, some glue, rope and a Bic pen or similar to make the guides for the rope, will result in a spectacular robotic arm that will delight the smallest of the house.


Robotic cardboard arm


Materials needed.


  • To start you need a large cardboard.
  • You will also require markers.
  • Also a black masking tape.
  • A cutter, stapler and scissors will also be necessary.
  • Also glue and a ruler.
  • Also a silicone gun.



It will be a fun toy for children who can help to perform, is simple and they will love it.

  1. Draw your arm from 3 cm before the elbow to the fist.

    The measurements are 60 cm long and 10 cm wide.

  2. Once you make the drawing, cut the figure twice with a cutter.
  3. Cut four cardboard strips 15 cm long by 3 cm wide.
  4. Staple three strips in front of the fist and the fourth on the side as the thumb.


  5. Mark on the back every 4 cm the fingers to form the phalanges.

    You have to make three marks and fold inwards in each of them.

  6. Cut the remaining cardboard into fingers.

    With your thumb, make only two phalanges and cut off the leftover as in the previous ones.

  7. Draw a strip of cardboard 6 cm wide by 3 cm long.
  8. Once cut, mark the first line at 4 cm, the second at 8 cm, the third at 10 cm. The fourth at 8 cm and the last at 4 cm.
  9. Fold the cardboard in each of the marks and form with this strip a bracelet.
  10. Glue the bracelet to the end of the arm.
  11. With the silicone gun, glue the second arm over the first to secure the fingers.


How to give it movement.


  • Next, measure the arm, from your arm to the fist and mark, there you must glue a piece of cardboard 12 cm long, 6 wide. Fold it in half and paste it right at the mark you made before.
  • Now cut a rectangle in the middle of that cardboard.
  • On the other hand stick a piece of hollow plastic tube in each phalanx of the fingers and 6 tubes in the palm part.
  • Then pass a piece of string through each hole placed in the fingers and palm.
  • Tie at the end and then tie each tip leaving a circle where to put your fingers and move the robotic arm.
  • Finally glue black masking tape on the front of the fingers.

Ready with recycled materials and
A little patience, you already have a fun robotic arm.


In the video you have the complete step-by-step instructions to be able to do it if you have doubts:







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Cómo hacer un brazo robótico de cartón


[make 19459041] robotic cardboard arm


Today we will learn how we can make a robotic arm using a piece of recycled cardboard as the basis of the project.





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