How to make a simple homemade drip irrigation with plastic bottles



Cómo hacer un sencillo riego por goteo casero con botellas de plástico


Today we will learn how to make a drip irrigation home, simple, fast, economical and all using recycled materials.





The materials we will need will be: cutter, hammer, nails, a small piece of rope (you can use your own plastic rope ), a PET plastic bottles and a small wooden strip.


5 materials with which
you are going to elaborate a magnificent irrigation


  • The first thing you’ll need is a PET soda bottle.
  • A hammer will also be necessary.
  • In addition you must have a screw or stud
  • A cutter to cut the bottle.
  • A piece of rope.
  • Finally, a wooden slat longer than the bottle.



The elaboration is very easy and fast let’s go to work! List

  1. First cut the bottom of the bottle using the cutter.
  2. Then place the wooden strip on a flat surface and place the bottle on it.
  3. On the other hand, take the Tacha and focusing it on the top of the bottle, nail it to the ribbon.


  4. Next, tie the tip of the bottle to the lath with a piece of string to secure it.
  5. Then, fold the excess of the stud in the back to avoid accidents.


We will use the bottle as a reservoir and the small wooden slat as a structure of subjection to the earth. You can see the complete instructions here:





Now let’s see how
Run our drip irrigation.


  • Nail
    the wooden slat on the floor, with the bottle tip facing down and
    the lid placed.
  • You must
    place it under the plant you want to water, or very close.
  • Then
    Fill the water bottle.
  • By
    Last, open the lid little by little until you get the speed and amount of irrigation
    what you wish.
  • Yes
    you want the irrigation to be faster, open the lid a little more. also if you want
    a slower watering you close until you get the drip you want.

If it does not rain the irrigation will last approximately 2 to 3 days . In addition to being
open if it rains it is filled with rainwater that is purer and does well to
your plants


As you can see it is very easy, economical and practical your new drip irrigation.


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Cómo hacer un sencillo riego por goteo casero con botellas de plástico


[make 19459041] simple home drip irrigation with plastic bottles


Today we are going to learn how to do a home drip irrigation, simple, fast, economical and all using recycled materials .





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