How to make edible bread spoons



Cómo hacer cucharas de pan comestibles


One of the curious ways we have found to avoid serving food in spoons or any other plastic container , ideal for canapés. Next you will be able to watch a video that will teach us how to make edible bread spoons, applicable to any other type of product, imagination to power!


What it is about is to reduce our dependence and at the same time use less plastic every day, which in case you don’t know it yet, is one of the major pollutants on the planet .



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We had already talked about products very similar to this, more specifically edible coffee cups and cookie spoons . Two great ideas that would help reduce plastic waste on the planet.


And now we go with the video and how to make edible bread spoons:



In the video they use a spoon-shaped pasta cutter and also some steel spoons that make a mold so that when toasting the bread in the oven, it retains the shape of the spoon and thus serves to contain a fill.








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