Magnetic knife holder

Porta cuchillas magnético


I liked this functional and cheap idea to accommodate the knives. Sometimes the lack of space forces us to place a certain order and with this proposal we will easily have everything at hand, in sight and organized the kitchen cutlery. A good idea for all those people who like to create with their own hands , a magnetic knife holder .


Visually it is a simple object, it will allow you to easily access them, it is easy to clean and has a pleasant aesthetic. Can you ask for anything else? Let’s get to work!
Follow the step by step in images! via


Porta cuchillas magnético-2


Important: Once all the holes are in place, put glue in each hole and place the magnets down in each hole. Make sure all of them are in the same direction, so that the knives are magnetic through the wood. Let the glue dry with the magnets in place.


Porta cuchillas magnético-3




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