Pasta salad recipe with raisins, nuts and melon


As my partner Aranzazu said, at Placer al plato we love pasta and that’s why our recipe book will be enriched by delicious recipes inspired by Italian cuisine [19459006 ] , and not only.


Ensalada de pasta con frutos secos, pasas y melón


A few months ago we saw a very spring pasta salad, with sweet and sour sauce , which aroused our desire for spring to come. Today, in the middle of spring we will prepare another plate of pasta salad, but this time we will introduce a few more ingredients and make a sauce a lighter tad . A different flavor, but definitely rich.


Processing time : 20 minutes


Difficulty : Low


Servings : 2 people






  • 300 gr pasta – propellers, macaroni, bows, or any other preference –

  • 1 avocado

  • 1 spoon cut nuts

  • 1 spoon peeled pipes

  • ½ red onion

  • 80 gr tuna

  • 50 gr corn

  • 80 gr diced melon

  • 3 raisins spoons

  • ½ glass apple juice

  • 2 teaspoons dried caramelized onion –to decorate–

  • 2 teaspoons Parmesan cheese –to decorate–



  • 80 gr Greek yogurt

  • 2 spoons fried tomato

  • 1 honey spoon

Step by step development


  1. Before starting to prepare our salad we will put the raisins to hydrate in the half glass of heated apple juice 30 seconds in the microwave and we will cut and prepare the other ingredients. So while we prepare the rest of the salad, the raisins will be filled with delicious apple juice.

  3. We put the pasta to boil and drain it .

  5. Prepare the sauce by combining the three ingredients and mixing until it has a homogeneous consistency.

  7. For the final step of preparing our salad we will drain the raisins and combine them with all the other ingredients and with the sauce . Slowly stir a few times to put the flavors together and you’re done.


At the table


On the plate we will place as much salad as we like, and to present it we will add a teaspoon of dried caramelized onion on top , both because it gives it a very good appearance and because the fried onion has a very complementary flavor Good our salad. We do not forget to add our spoon of grated Parmesan that will be the final touch for the presentation of this dish.


Ensalada de pasta con frutos secos, pasas y melón


It is an easy dish to make and very tasty . There is no doubt that every time I make the dishes they empty immediately and I have to distribute the recipe to all the pasta lovers I have around.

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