Recipe to prepare lentils and enjoy a plate of spoon


Temperatures begin to drop and our stomach begins to demand spoon dishes. Whether soups, creams or stews when the cold approaches, we all like to enjoy a good hot traditional dish. Therefore, today we have prepared some delicious lentils so that you can opt for a traditional dish without having to buy it pre-cooked. Ready to get down to work?



Lentejas servidas a la mesa


There is little left of the summer and I’m sure you start to feel like taking more spoon dishes. That is why today we are going to take the lentils as protagonists, to prepare a traditional stew that in each home they prepare differently . We will use sausage, bacon and black pudding to prepare it, but these ingredients will change according to tastes and traditions of each place.


It is not the first time that we use lentils in Placer to the plate, because during the summer we teach you how to prepare some lentils to the vinaigrette so that you did not forget the legume during these dates. Now that the cold is closer, this food takes on new prominence. Whether in casseroles or stews, lentils provide us with many nutrients and although they are better known for their iron intake , their nutritional values ​​are many more. That is why we love this legume , because others, it is preferred by many and, compared to others such as chickpeas, it cooks very fast.


  • 250 g of lentils (approximately 2 1/2 cups)

  • 250 g of Asturian companion (smoked sausage, smoked bacon and black pudding)

  • 4 cloves of garlic

  • 2 liters of water

  • Oil

  • Salt


  1. First of all we will chop the ingredients, except the garlic that we will simply peel it and incorporate it whole into the stew.

  3. In a pot or casserole we put brown the garlic with about two tablespoons of oil. When it starts to be half cooked we will add the bacon, sausage and blood sausage . Let them cool slightly, while the sausage gives color to the oil. We will do this step over medium heat, because we do not want them to be cooked at all.

  5. Next we will add the lentils . To speed up the process and make sure the lentils are not hard, we can let the lentils soak the night before. Once we mix the lentils with the previously added ingredients, we will incorporate the water . In our case we have previously heated the water, to reduce the cooking time again. We will cook approximately 20 minutes over medium heat or 10 minutes if you use a pressure cooker.


At the table


A very easy dish that will only need slow cooking , so that the ingredients are mixed leaving some lentils full of flavor. The cooking time will vary depending on the lentils we use and how warm we like them. If you like this dish to be warmer you can increase the amount of water.


Lentils is a traditional dish ideal for the approaching cold , when the body asks us for something more caloric. Many prepare it quite broth and add potatoes to the stew, in this case I prepare them less caldosas and I accompany them with white rice mixing it with the lentils. It is my preferred way of taking them but surely you will have yours. How do you cook lentils in your home? Remember that we love reading your comments, so take advantage and write us below.

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