Recipes for pasta sauces


Salsa para pastas


For dinner or for the weekend I propose a lunch or a dinner of pastries, whether stuffed like ravioli, ribbons, gnocchi, etc. But I have a big surprise, you can add a tasty touch to them: sauces! Yes, you read that right, accompany your pasta with these 3 sauces recipes and you will see how your dish is transformed and how your friends and family prepare the bread to clean the plate.


1. Caprese cream sauce


To combine this caprese cream sauce I recommend preparing some ricotta ravioli or cottage cheese , ham and mozzarella. To do it you will simply have to saute two peeled and sliced ​​garlic cloves in olive oil and add two large, ripe tomatoes cut into small cubes. Let cook until the tomato is like a sauce and then add 125c.c. Cream or liquid cream, process to get a caprese sauce without lumps and at the time of serving, add basil cut into strips to taste.


2. Pesto rosso sauce


Recetas de salsas para pastas


To combine this sauce I advise you to prepare some cottage cheese or ricotta ravioli, cheese and nuts ; Or, make some spaghetti or short pasta. To make the sauce you will simply have to hydrate 150g of dried tomatoes in olive oil for six hours in equal parts of water and red wine. After this period of time, strain them well and macerate them in olive oil with paprika, pepperoncino, oregano and garlic for 72 hours. Process them and add 50g of grated Parmesan cheese and 30g of almonds, giving the point with a little olive or sunflower oil.


3. Paroissien sauce


To combine the paroissien sauce I recommend you prepare some stuffed cannelloni with ham, small cubes and almonds. To make the sauce you will have to boil 300g of chicken supreme and melt 100g of butter over minimal heat. Then, add a little flour 000 or 0000 until you get a homogeneous paste and add a liter of whole milk immediately. Beat by hand until get a creamy sauce , add a little salt, ground black pepper and nutmeg to taste. Chop the chicken supreme and sauté it with 200g of leeks in a pan with olive oil. Add the chicken and leeks to the sauce and stir. Garnish with 100g chopped shallots.


What do you think about these recipes for pasta sauces ? Leave your comment and visit the category Sauces to learn many other preparations. If you wish you can even take a look at the section Pasta to find out how to combine these exquisite homemade sauces .

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