What is gluten and what is it made of?




We have already talked to you about people intolerant to gluten, celiac , but what exactly is gluten? Today we will review what makes up gluten and how it works in the kitchen.


Gluten is a set of proteins found primarily in dryland cereal flour, especially wheat, but also barley, rye and oats. Gluten is responsible for the elasticity of the dough , which together with fermentation causes the bread to acquire so much volume.


Gluten is not an indispensable protein for humans , so it is very easy to replace it with vegetable or animal proteins. We can eat foods that replace this protein both by taking animal products, and by vegetable proteins. In this regard, legumes (which as you will see in our recipe book play a lot) are a great source of protein.


Gluten is composed as we have already told you by a group of proteins, glutenins and gliadins, it also contains lipids and carbohydrates. Gliadin is soluble in alcohol and is the component that influences the intolerance of glutén, that is, most foods with this protein affect celiac people, making these foods toxic to their body and proving the symptoms that accompany this disease. .










Component Percentage
Glutenin and gliadins 90%
Lipids 8%
Carbs 2%

Gluten is an element to avoid if our body does not tolerate it well, but it is not something that makes us get more fat, that is, take food without gluten it will benefit us in diets to lose weight . It is an issue that we discussed a while ago but that we wanted to remember. Well, there is a false idea that in low-calorie diets we should eliminate foods with gluten. This will not help us to achieve our goal and it is a mistake that is often caused by the elimination of products with a high number of carbohydrates, which you will know better by reading this article by SporAdictos that addresses the issue , which usually coincides with foods with gluten.


For the celiac to avoid this group of proteins is an extra job when making the purchase, as we find it in numerous prepared foods. Therefore it is essential to read the labels of the products we buy and make sure that it is a food suitable for celiacs. Sauces, flours, pasta, prepared foods, sausages … there are numerous foods with gluten, but luckily every day we can find products made specifically for this group.

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